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    Will new Consumer Unit need to be bonded?

    Hello I have an old Wylex fuse box with wired fuses and am considering having it upgraded to a modern unit. The only bonding on the existing box is to the gas pipe which is a short distance away. Will an electrician also want to bond the new consumer unit to the water or other pipes? The water...
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    Best make replacement sockets?

    Do you have any recommendations on the best quality replacement plastic sockets these days? In times gone by I would have bought MK, but they seem to have luke warm reviews nowadays, apparently cheap made in China. How about Schneider? Thanks
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    Pull Fuse or Turn off Main Switch?

    It's true I do have an old Wylex fuse box, and at some stage I will have it updated. Although I see no urgency since we have lived in this house for 37 years and never had any electrical problems. It seems to me that many new regs are often designed to just give jobs to the boys, although I...
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    Pull Fuse or Turn off Main Switch?

    I'd like to replace some sockets on my ring main. Is it safe to just remove the fuse on the ring main, so that I can keep the lights on, or should I switch off all the electric at the main switch? I understand pulling the fuse just disconnects the live wire, but it is still possible to get a...
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    Advice on thick wallpaper internal corners?

    Hi I'd like to hang some thick anaglypta type wallpaper in my kitchen and have watched some videos on papering around internal corners. These suggest that you lay one piece of paper a short 2cm distance around the corner and then overlap the second piece on top. (Having made sure it's vertical...
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    Masonry Paint on a Ceiling?

    I have a kitchen ceiling where the plaster is a bit rough and not suitable for simple emulsion. To give a smooth finish and cover minor imperfections I was thinking about Sandtex Masonry Paint, which is water based and gives off little or no odour. Has anyone had success using masonry Paint...
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    Plywood or MDF?

    Hi I need to replace the wood behind my bathroom sink and toilet that boxes in the pipework at floor level. The original was Plywood but I was thinking of using MDF instead since it has a smooth surface and will be easier to paint to a nice finish. I presume there are no advantages to using...
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    High Pressure - Is there air trapped in the system?

    Hello I have a Worcester condensing boiler and recently changed the towel rail in the bathroom. I filled up the new towel rail and then topped up the boiler a little to return the pressure to normal. However, now when I run the boiler the pressure goes up high to 3 bar. So I bled the...
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    Washers for towel rail valves?

    Hi I'm replacing a towel rail and not surprisingly when I removed the valves the sealing washers fell apart so I need to find some replacements. Does anyone know what type of washers are used in towel rail valves, are they rubber o-ring or flat washers, or indeed does it really matter? Thanks
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    Try cutting Olives from Plastic Pipes or just reuse the valves?

    Hi I need to replace a towel rail that is connected to plastic piping, where the pipes only protrude a short distance from a tiled wall. My first thoughts are that it's a bad idea to change the valves, because if I were to damage the plastic when removing the olives there is no leeway to cut...
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    Wallpaper or Plaster Skim a rough ceiling?

    Hello I have a rough ceiling to decorate in my kitchen and my first thought was to ask a plasterer to skim it. However a friend suggested that I should have it papered with thick lining paper and then paint it. Which would look very good without much dust and mess. Do you agree or have any...
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    5 amp fuse on lighting circuit?

    Hello My aunt recently ask me to help her because the main fuse on her lighting circuit had blown. This happened when an old incandescent bulb in the house had failed. When I looked at the fuse it was only 5 amp, rather than the usual 15. This would explain why the failing bulb managed to blow...
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    Do systems lose pressure after refilling?

    Hi I recently drained my combi boiler to fit a new radiator. After the refill everything is working fine and I can find no leaks, but the pressure has been dropping 0.1 bar overnight when it's cold. Is this normal for the first day or two? I read that these boilers have an air vent, so perhaps...
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    Repairing leaking solder joint

    Hi I've made some changes to my central heating in 15mm copper and just one elbow joint is leaking slightly. What is the best way to repair this please, is it simply to de-solder, strip, clean and redo the joint from scratch? Thanks for your advice Robin
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    JG Speedfit with Compression Fittings?

    Hello Please advise me, is it safer to use speedfit pipe with compression fittings rather than the usual plastic fittings? It just strikes me they are likely to last longer because they rely on an olive rather than a rubber seal which eventually degrades? Some of my fittings will also be...