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    Cold temperatures in 15 year old cavity wall extension!

    If the heating isn't on and the room is north facing with 2 external walls it is perfectly normal for it to be a bit cooler. Test the room temperature when the heating has been on for a few days. Bear in mind that the cavity wall insulation is only intended to stop heat escaping. It cannot...
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    Build Over Agreement - Thames Water

    Sounds like this scenario below from Thames Water guidance. You really need to look at the building plans and confirm where your drains run and whether they are shared, the official sewer maps rarely show minor shared drains. I doubt Thames Water would have gone through the Build Over process if...
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    Damp on internal wall

    I would experiment with one of those cheap borescope cameras you can plug in to your phone before you started cutting bricks out. Regarding the reading under the window, that could be a secondary issue. Check the gutter isn't leaking then investigate the condition of the tiled window sill and...
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    Damp on internal wall

    So why would isolated patches of the wall be cooler in September when the internal and external temperatures are similar? Wouldn't be because the temperature is reduced by evaporating moisture from rising or penetrating damp would it? I don't understand why people get their knickers in such a...
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    Damp on internal wall

    Debris in the bottom of the wall cavity? That can cause a band of damp along the base of the wall as the debris can bridge the damp proof course. Especially if the wall is also getting soaked by a leaking gutter.
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    The Caravan Act, yeah right.

    There seems to be a discrepancy between what they claimed in the LDC application and what the sensationalist newspaper report says. In the application they go to great lengths to say it will not be a self contained dwelling and that it will just be ancillary accommodation to provide an extra...
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    Saggy ceiling joists - loft conversion

    Ordinarily yes but not with a trussed rafter roof conversion. The ceiling chords (ceiling joists) are far too slender to support the ceiling once the rest of the truss is cut away so there should have been additional support for the existing ceiling - usually by fixing to the new floor joists.
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    Fire regulations Loft conversion and extension

    There is no restriction on building a ground floor extension below a loft rooflight, nor has there ever been.
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    Sewerage tank service charge or not ?

    It is quite common for social housing properties in rural areas to be connected to a private sewage treatment system be that a cess pit, septic tank or small treatment works. It is also normal that those properties sold under right to buy or subsequent private sales for the homeowner to pay a...
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    Egress Window onto lean-to roof

    That is a very interesting point. If it was a fire egress window to a fist floor room it would be acceptable but as it is on the stairs of the escape route from a second floor room I suspect it will not. Worth running it by Building Control though as technically (assuming it is just 1 room in...
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    Rising Damp - Fact or Fiction?

    Maybe all those buildings in the photo have lovely injection DPC's?
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    Demolition and Rebuild Under Permitted Development?

    If it is an old period forge why does it need underpinning? Old buildings tend to have shallow foundations but they have survived for many decades like that so unless you are undertaking alterations that concentrate loads in small areas or something has changed such as large trees have grown up...
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    Applying for planning again after you already got permission!

    I don't know how things work on planet Woody but down here on Earth surveyors do not check planning applications to make sure that extensions are built in accordance with the approved drawings. You will just get a generic note advising to check that building regulations and planning approvals...
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    Leak in new brick and block building

    Can you take a photo of the base of the wall externally with the gravel scraped away so we can see the junction between the base of the brickwork and the top of the concrete slab? I suspect water is tracking across the top of the slab under the brickwork. That's what happens when you have the...
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    Took refused PP to Tribunal in 2003 - didn't realize this was final we could not apply again.

    This is still ringing alarm bells. Who is this "agent" and why are they talking to a member of the "PC"? Is that planning committee or parish council? Clearly this "agent" does not understand how the planning system works or there has been a massive misunderstanding. If the agent really is...