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    Tricky Carpet Installation

    Hello there, I'm doing an exhibition that involves having a free standing carpet in the middle of the room. Originally I was just going to use carpet thresholds to cover the frayed edges but i've now been told that the floor can't be tacked into. The gallery will let me use adhesive to stick...
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    Snowcrete and aggregate counter top

    Heya, Thanks for all your responses. I'm attempting it now! Cheers, Winnie
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    Snowcrete and aggregate counter top

    Heya, Thanks for getting back to me! I'm not doing it in situ, in doing it in a mould. I was wondering if I needs to mix the aggregate in with the sand cement mixture or if I should put the aggregate in first and the. Pour it over the top? Cheers Winnie
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    Snowcrete and aggregate counter top

    Hi there, I'm trying to make a snowcrete and silver aggregate countertop. Do I need to use sand if I am using aggregate? And if so, what type of sand is the best to keep the snowcrete white? Is there any particular order in which i set the mould? Or will grinding down the surface once...