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    Liberon Decking Oil

    It's a good product so long as you're willing to reapply every spring.
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    Junckers Hardwax Oil saga - can anyone advise?

    Alternatively ask him to come back, sand the entire floor and apply a finish that won't go wrong. Something like Junckers HP professional or Aquacoat XTRA will do the job quickly , offer far better protection than the HWO and is available in a subtle matt finish. Not sure why they should be...
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    How to Remove Horrendous Mould Stain Before Staining?

    I disagree , if the doors are protected using a dark microporous exterior coating the doors will last for many years before another thin coat may be required. New doors....I don't think so!
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    How to Remove Horrendous Mould Stain Before Staining?

    It would be worth your while trying Oxalic Acid This is a mild bleaching solution taht has a good track record for this type of application. Hope this helps Ian McAslan
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    using different oils OK for oak worktops?

    Snadge, It really depends on what type of Danish Oil you choose, there is no standard make-up and so all brands differ. I think it would be safer to avoid applying one over the other, you may find it won't dry and then you'll need to clean the whole lot off. I hope this helps Ian McAslan
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    Hard wax oil with water based wood dye ??

    I see no reason why you shouldn't go ahead with the colron stain, it's binderless so shouldn't cause any problems. If you want to make sure put some on a scrap pice of wood, apply the osmo and two days later rub a coin over the surface if there are any problems you will quickly see them. Ian...
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    old oak floorboards - to wax or varnish?

    Unfortunately nothing is going to stand up to your girlfriends stilettos! The most durable finishes are coatings that provide a surface structured layer over the floor, such as Ronseal Waterbased Diamond Hard Floor Varnish or Aquacoat SP . However they do not look as natural as a hardwax...
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    What can I put on my Hardwax oil to protect it?

    Walking around on your tiptoes making sure that every spillage is immediately wiped up before it stains the surface. Sorry WYL, I couldn't resist :wink:
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    Clear varnish on American White Oak

    If you're looking for a finish that's going to offer you a high level of protection while at the same time, a bit of depth of colour then I can't see far past Polyurethane Varnish Gloss, Satin or Matt . However if you have a large amount of spare time on your hands, applying 3 coats Shellac...
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    What can I put on my Hardwax oil to protect it?

    Aah the inherent problems of hardwax oils strike again. I know this is seen as an evil phrase but if you're after durability, forgetting about the maintenance of your floor for years and a bit depth in terms of colour then go for Polyurethane Floor Finish Matt. Really you will not be...
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    removing tung oil

    Have you tried using a scotchbrite pad with white spirit?
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    Door not taking paint? Wood still damp?

    I think there must be some resin in the wood that is seap[ing out. To stop this happening a coat of a white shellac based primer like Smith & Rodger Multiseal will do the job. It's excellent a sealing in any old 'nasties' prior to painting. Hope this helps
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    oil finish advice, please

    Not too sure, I think you'd be better sticking with what you've used and just apply thin coats as and when you feel it needs it. Ian
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    oil finish advice, please

    How much wear and tear is the table going to get. If it not a kitchen table then I'd use the Liberon Danish Oil you have - we noticed very little difference between the 'Superior' version in trials. If you're after something which is going to give more durability then I can't see far past...
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    Desk Restoration

    In my opinion and yes I am biased, this table is crying out to be french polished. Take it right back to bare wood and then go through the following steps, there is absolutely no doubt that it will give you the best looking finish and well worth the effort. Shellac Application Any...