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    Replacing 2 gang 1 way light switch

    Hello, I just wanted to check if my understand of the wiring is correct before I go on with the replacement of the switch. This is my current witch wiring: And this is the switch I will be replacing it with: If I got this right the wiring should look like this?: Thank you :)
  2. D

    Replacing 2-gang 1-way light switch with dimmer switch

    I'm trying to replace a 2-gang 1-way light switch with a dimmer switch. I've never replaced a switch before, hoped it would be straight-forward but I can't figure out the correct terminals to use for a 2 gang switch, all diagrams just show a 1 gang switch. If someone could let me know which...
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    3 Gang 1 Way Switch - Please Help

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to make a 3 gang switch from 1 gang switch. 1 stays as it is to operate a lights in the kitchen and another two for plinth and under cupboard lights. The two new additional circuits will end with a socket to which I want to plug in a LED lights - that's the ideas...