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    radiator swap but unsure of trv and lockshield sizes

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction please. Struggling a bit financially at the moment and that's why I'm trying to do this myself, I have no experience of plumbing but mechanically minded, sorry for silly questions. I had it in my mind how to carry this out but I saw...
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    Pump 10mm rad pipe.

    I recently moved into my first home in November 2023, I am just starting out in my DIY as the name suggests but willing to give anything a go and have been successful so far. Since I moved in 4 rads haven’t worked as they should, some not getting hot at all and others getting partially hot with...
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    Do the olives in rad trvs restrict the flow much when crimping them up?

    I have some 8mm tails that need extending to the rad. Would it be of any benefit if I continued them to the rad valves with 10mm?
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    Replacing old rads on 10mm pipes with new slightly smaller rads

    Hi all All of my TRVs are very old looking and don’t seem to work properly, the temp is either hot or cold despite what number the TRV is set to. My original plan was to replace all of the TRVs but my understanding is that for the hassle of changing them all I might as well replace the rads as...
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    Cooker circuit in kitchen refit by cowboy kitchen fitter and electrician

    Hi, I would like to give thanks to every member of this forum, I have been watching and read upon many posts for the past few years and have learned a lot. I apologize in advance but I would very much like some advice on electrical work which has been completely messed up by a cowboy kitchen...