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    Please review my MCB calculation for 16amp 3.5kw oven

    Hello guys. To accomodate a new 16amp / 3.5Kw oven, I have laid a 6mm T/E from my consumer unit to a new 45amp cooker switch, going onto a CCU. There is a spare 16A MCB in the consumer unit but my calculations tell me I need a higher rated (19) MCB. I = 3500 / (230*0.8) = 19.02 Can some...
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    Can i use a 13A plug for a 3.6kW connected load combi microwave oven?

    Hi all , My beloved 10 year Neff B7740 combination micro , oven and grill died today because Neff have stopped stocking the left hook for the door ! It seems that 10 years ago there were a lot more appliances with 13A fused plugs but looking at the web and in store the trend is towards...