air admittance valve

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    Air admittance valve

    I just want to check that I'm doing the correct thing. I'm having solar panels fitted and the soil stack is problematic owing to it casting a shadow over some of the PV panels. To resolve this, I'm thinking that I can cut the soil stack short in the loft and put an air admittance valve on it...
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    venting soil stack through a wall?

    I have a soil stack in my attic that I discovered is open. I fitted a Durgo AAV but this caused gases to build up and leak out from the bath p trap. I took the Durgo off and the smell stopped. So I'm thinking I need to vent the soil stack externally. My roof is asymmetrical, it rises to the top...
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    Air admittance valve/durgo valve

    Hi, I am looking for a bit of help re issue with air admittance valve. I moved into a new build house over 9 months ago, our downstairs toilet always has always had a foul sewage smell. The developers have said nothing is wrong. I have checked the Durgo valve and think this is the source of the...
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    Air lock

    Hi everyone, I am having a problem with my wet room drain, it’s air locking. If you pump it few times, the water drains, leave it few minutes and turn the water on again and it stops draining. I was advised it is air lock and it needs an AAV valve, the problem is it’s a wet room with linear...
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    Help please, Air admittance valve, placement, soil stack moving

    Wondering if you drainage experts could advise me please. I changed a flat roof to pitched, and along with a reworked bathroom, the soil stack needs to move. Where the soil pipe comes through the bathroom wall, my idea was to use an air admittance valve and box the whole soil stack into the...
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    Can AAV be installed for the whole drainage installation?

    Hello, my question is: I'm working in the refurbish of an old building. The existing drainage is not going to be retained, moreover, it was external, but not coming through the roof, was wall mounted. I wouldn't like to do any hole in the roof. Could I use Air Admittance Valves for all the...