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    ALPHA CB28 No central heating ?

    Hello. I have an Alpha CB.28 which is giving no heating but hot water. With the DHW Flow switch fitted I get Hot water only If I remove the DHW flow switch and take it of from the cable it's attached to I get central heating but No hot water. I've ordered a new Flow switch to try and will update...
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    Alpha Cooker/Boiler (oil)

    Hi All, I have an Alpha 140k cooker/ Boiler. However, it's playing up. Even when the programmer is all off on the display the boiler is constantly kicking in. This is costing us huge amount in keep refilling the oil. Thanks in advance for your advice
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    Alpha CD28C

    Hi we have an alpha cd28c which was installed in 2009 and been fine, we get it serviced each year and all okay. Now its getting colder we switched on the heating which is working fine, the problem we are having is that when the heating is on the Hot water is luke warm at best and a shower or...