1. O

    Android- bubble booster malware

    I am posting this here to help anyone that makes the mistake of downloading cra.pware such as Bubble Booster. I go a phone call from an elderly relative (via her landline). She was unable to use her Android Motorola because of pop ups asking her if she wants to improve the phone's performance...
  2. Martyn Bell

    Android-x86 DRM

    As I do not use windows, I am trying to watch Chili TV & Rakuten TV using android-x86 on my HP255 laptop. Despite installing the necessary apps I can not watch the content. I assume this is because of DRM. It has been suggested to include DRM libs from fugu...
  3. Dee_in_London

    Any Telegram Messenger Fans?

    Telegram is becoming my favourite software for keeping intouch with people and the ability to send people video and files upto 2GB is very useful and just last week they added voice chatrooms. And with desktop and smart phone apps it works on multiple devices at once, unlike WhatsApp. Anyone...
  4. D

    Which device for video streaming?

    My Samsung smart TV no longer supports video content such as YouTube and Britbox so I need a relatively cheap device to allow me to stream videos. The two options would seem to be a streaming stick like Roku or an Android TV box (all of our phones and tablets are Android). I'm not sure which...