artificial grass

  1. B

    Artificial Grass Installation Tips

    Hi I want to lay a small area (6m x 4m) of artificial grass for my daughter to use an pseudo astroturf to practise her hockey skills. Viewed several different videos on YouTube and read numerous installation guides and everyone seems to want to do it differently. Requesting any tips based on...
  2. D

    Best way to fill timber frame ready for artificial grass

    I've got a 4" deep timber frame on top of paving slabs ready to fill in before the artificial grass arrives. The area is 4m x 5.5m. I have a couple of questions: - Should I remove some or all of the paving slabs before filling the frame in? Is there any benefit/harm to keeping the slabs? - What...
  3. S

    Artificial grass

    Hi Currently have a patio that is in need of renewing as we had a few break/discolour etc. Looking at options I was going to just lift them and replace with new pavers however area is shaded and a bit damp so it wouldn’t be long before the new pavers were mossed up etc and need jet washing which...
  4. DonnyChap

    Rotary Washing Line into Artificial Grass

    Hi All I have recently had put down artificial grass (new dog + kids + trampoline put an end to the real thing over Christmas). I used to have a rotary line which i post-creted into the ground which worked fine, however I forgot about it when putting in the new lawn. I don't really have...
  5. KevinRussell

    Artificial Grass Electric Shock

    Chaps My Gardin has artificial Grass. After a few minutes walking on it if you touch anything metal you get a sizeable shock. My dog yelps everytime he puts his nose on anything. Is it possible to Earth (parden the pun) the lawn or somehow mitigate the static build up? Kevin
  6. M

    Levelling artificial grass install

    Really sorry to ask this question but I’m a complete novice J I’m installing some artificial grass. So – I have digged out grass and soil, hardcored the area to a few inches, hired a compactor plate, but here is the question, how do I make sure the hardcore Is level, the area is on a slope so...