automatic air vent

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    Grant Vortex Pro Combi 26 - Gurgling Air noise on Direct Hot Water side

    Hi All, I posted on this subject back in 2018 and never really got to the bottom of it! But I have an issue where air seems to be trapped in the heat store/exchanger on the hot water side of things. It fizzes and gurgles, knocks and bangs in various degrees of loudness and frequency. At the...
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    Automatic Air Vent Locations

    Hi, I have a new Grant Combi heating system in my bungalow. The 28mm flow and return pipework enter the loft region and splits into two 22mm heating circuits one for each half of the bungalow. The 22mm pipework is insulated and sits directionly onto the joists and where a radiator is needed I...