balancing; radiators; central heating

  1. I_JL96

    Balancing radiators with old valves

    I am currently in the process of balancing my radiators. Most of my radiators are new and have new valves, however two of them are old and have these valves on them. Are these lock shield valves? And if so how can I turn them for balancing? These older radiators are heating up super fast and...
  2. C

    Balancing a system with lock shield on outlet

    I need some help, having real difficulty balancing my radiators. Got modern slim rads upstairs, columns downstairs. Downstairs the rads are all on the right way. Upstairs, TRVs and lock shields are mostly on the wrong way. I understand they are bidirectional, but when trying to balance the...
  3. T

    Fan assisted convector/radiator - connection and balancing

    Hi I've bought a Smiths HL1000 fan assisted radiator to fit into the kitchen. The combi boiler is also in the kitchen and the 22mm flow and return pipes are right there to tee off. The radiator has 15mm stub pipes in & out. It's like a plinth heater but goes up high on the wall. There's two...
  4. I

    Cold rad conundrum

    Hi so we have an open vented central heating system with 18 rads. All was working fine. We recently chemically cleaned the system, added a magnaclean and flushed through a few rads. The system was drained and refilled a few times. After refilling the final time all rads were bled. However we...