bath screen

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    Seeking a flexible/curved shower screen seal

    Hello. We've just moved house, and the bath we've inherited is a P-shaped walk-in bath, no idea of manufacturer (although it might be this one or similar...
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    bath/shower screen drop

    Hi, I had a new bath/shower installed and recently noticed that I can no longer open the bath/shower screen outward (I often just step around it anyway).. I noticed that the glass screen appears to have dropped lower so it is blocked from opening by the metal frame attached to the bath. On...
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    Advice please: Installing a shower screen on a half wall

    Hello Redoing our bathroom, and we are hoping to install a half wall, topped with a fixed glass screen as one of the walls of the shower, the other will be a hinged door/ panel. I cant work out what screen I can buy to go on top of the wall? A fixed bath screen would fit, but is that an OK...
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    Bath Screen Help Required

    Hi, I'm moving into a house that has been recently renovated, but the bathroom is arranged in such a way that there is a window where you would normally look to secure the bath screen (see below). I don't really want a shower curtain and I don't want to start bricking the window up or...