bathroom paint

  1. A

    Paint peeling on bathroom ceiling

    I have an artexed bathroom ceiling which was painted with some dulux bathroom paint about 9 years back. Its grown mould and has started peeling and cracking (aligatoring ) in areas. So far I've scraped what i can peel off but restricted due to it being artexed and then I've wiped it down with...
  2. finlamit

    Painting over peeling paint

    I am painting a bathroom a new colour. The paint in not in terrible condition apart from a few areas that have peeled. See image. Looking under the peeled paint it looks like a mist coat was never applied to the freshly plastered walls. Instead the top coat was added on-top of the plaster...
  3. T

    masking tape pulls paint off

    Hello Sorry if this seems really simple but I just wanted to get some advice: I tried painting our bathroom (accidentally with normal wall & ceiling paint) last year. Every time I took the masking tape off, the paint came off with it (despite using different tapes, hairdryers etc). Firstly, is...
  4. Itsalut

    Bathroom mist coat scratching off

    Oh it's a mist coat question here we go. So I waited 4 days for fresh plaster to dry, sanded any rough bits, wiped with damp cloth then dry microfibre cloth until the cloth was clean. Mixed 50/50 water and Dulux white Matt emulsion (the big 10l cheapish tub) and painted it on. It went on fine...