1. MorganL

    Recess distance for new toilet waste pipe

    We are gutting and redesigning our entire bathroom which is an 80's disaster of peach and frilly horror. Please see the photo of our current bathroom (de-tiling underway)+ current toilet layout, and my (cough) technical diagrams of what is to come We are building a new half wall which will...
  2. B

    Geberit frame bend angle

    Hi, I have installed the waste pipe as seen in the attached photo, making sure I have a fall of 1:4 to 1:3 from invert of the bend at the frame to the invert of the 4” pipe at the face of the bend ( the distance is 1400mm) that goes into the outside soil pipe. However, I’ve just seen few...
  3. S

    45 degree bend in soil pipe run.

    Can i use a 45 degree bend in the middle of a soil pipe run. I have to install a new inspection chamber, cannot get it square on to the existing chamber due to falls etc so would need a 45 about 2 meters from each chamber. Is this acceptable to building regulations and is it sensible. I know...
  4. J

    Replacing soil pipe stack and vent (plus running from new toilet location)

    Hello, Can someone please confirm the below as I can not seem to find the right section and my local Building control officer department seems all on holiday. **This is not a thread about adding a toilet, it covers only moving the existing one from outrigger wall to ide return wall.**...