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    Suprima/EP2002/Hive question

    Hello, firstly apologies if these have been answered already, I have looked but I couldn't find the answers anywhere. We have recently moved house and decided to install a Hive "active heating with hot water" unit which has replaced my EP2002 programmer and hallway thermostat. I did have a...
  2. L

    Heating not working. Help required to Diagnose

    I have a Glowworm Ultimate 80FF boiler providing hot water and central heating (more than 15 years believe). Cold water tank in attic. hot cylinder (CYL) in airing cupboard with 3 port divertor valve (VALVE), drayton control programmer (PRG) and grundfos alpha pump(PUMP) fitted as well. Recently...
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    Replacement valve for BGMVSP-23

    Hi I have seen this asked a few times but the posts were a few years old so I would like to ask again. The motor head valve (excuse my terminology) I believe has failed. I believe it has failed because when I turn the power off to the unit the lever does not reset. In fact it does not move...