boiler blocked

  1. J

    Utility cupboard with boiler and switch board. What the right sensor detector?

    What the right sensor apart the carbon monoxide to install on the utility cupboard where we have boiler switch board and washing machine. Thanks
  2. V

    Potterton Prima 80F Boiler.........its that time of year and ive had enough

    Hi Everyone Its been quite some time since ive been on the site so take care with me...Ta We have a Potterton Prima 80F boiler, gravity fed system etc. This has been tripping out after 20 odd minutes, pump seems fine, 3 way valve fine. I thought it could be air as ive been doing a bathroom for...
  3. Z

    Magnaclean failed me, boiler got blocked so what's next?

    Had a veismann combi boiler fit 3 years ago along with a magnaclean 2 pro and kept up the servicing. At the weekend the boiler failed due to the smaller heat exchanger being blocked with small shards of magnetic material causing an F2 Burner fault. Despite it not really being a Boiler Issue...