1. JD2012

    Bolt Type Query to bolt down Vice.

    I am looking for bolts to attach a Vice to a worktop in my shed. I found one that fits but I need it a bit shorter about 6mm in length and I don't have nuts. It says on the head M BUFO 88. Does anyone know if B&Q stock these or something that will do? Thanks
  2. S

    Accetptable Building Work

    We engaged a building to repair and renew some joists. In the photo below you see newly installed joists. The joists are sistered and sit on a sleeper wall. The sister joists appear glued and not bolted together. Is this acceptable In the photos below you can see an endplated installed...
  3. JD2012

    DeWalt DCD778M2T-SFGB 18V 4.0 Combi Drill Question

    I was looking for Combi Drill and saw this on Screwfix. Does anyone know if you can also use it to screw...
  4. D

    Joining joists together, building code

    Hi, Would anyone be able to point me to the relevant building code documents where it details the fixings required to join to joists together to make 1 longer joist. It's my understanding that bolts are required in this situation but after googling I can't find the building code where this is...
  5. L

    Suspended floor anchor bolt spacing

    It is proposed to create a storage room utilizing the roof void above an integral garage. The span is 9' (2740) Plan to use 6x2 (47x150) rough sawn treated timber joists hung from wall plates at 450mm centres with 1 (offset) row of noggins. (I've checked these against tables and this size timber...
  6. C

    Advice please on bracing timber joists

    Hi there. I am building a treehouse. It will be fixed to two joists that will sit either side of a tree. I plan to tighten the two joists toward each other, either side of the tree, but am unsure what bolts / fixings are best to use. The tree is at least 450mm / 18 inches wide, then each joist...
  7. T

    steel column fixings to concrete pad fondation. help!

    Hello, I’m just about to fit some steels on my self build extension extension and I have the following questions- Do I need to use any kind of dry pack mortar or can I bolt straight down onto the pad foundation I have laid. It’s pretty flat as I levelled and smoothed it of after pouring...
  8. cammy2207

    Hook bolts not retracting enough

    Hi. When I depress my handle, the two hook bolts don't go in far enough, only by about 3mm, but enough to stop the door opening. You have to put all you body weight down on the handle to get that last 'click' to open the door. Its now getting to the point that my wife and kids cannot open the...