bonding earthing

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    Bonding gas supply

    Apologies-I've waded through all the posts on this subject and i think i know the answer to my question but would appreciate confirmation. Situation- EICR on rental, bonding undersized- whoever renewed the CU in 2010 put the proper size from MET to CU but didn't bother upgrading the rest...
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    What does Earth Bonding involve?

    Hi I have an old style fuse box and would like it upgrading to a modern trip switch consumer unit. However it appears that there is only one earth connection in the house which goes to the main incoming supply cable, so an electrician would also need to improve and bond the earth. What does...
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    Shower shock

    Hi all, I've had a new 8.5kw shower installed recently and the water seems to be passing an electrical current which I checked with a diy voltage tester and its bleeping, I've isolated the shower and the shower isn't in use. We have another shower installed years ago which is working fine did...