1. T

    LEDs are buzzing, seems to be bulb specific

    I know this is a boring question that must get asked a lot but I promise I have done some research and cannot find an answer that fits with my experience. I've recently moved house, had it rewired and I've fitted Philips LED bulbs throughout. Most are from their 'Warm White' range and some are...
  2. B

    Worcester boiler buzz fading 37cdi

    Hi, got a 10yrs old WB greenstar 37cdi. Runs nicely but every few minutes has a loud buzz that fades in then back out, lasts for a few seconds and then fades out. Definitely not the pipe work or snagging. Can happen any time, not just upon fire up or shutting down. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. cwhaley

    Humming from old alarm clock

    I have inherited a Wien Solid State Digital alarm clock; the digital type with flip numbers. I haven't dated it yet but I'm guessing it's from the era between the late 1960s and early 1970s. The unit works fine and is a pleasure to have. It also has a very loud alarm sound which is perfect for...