bypass valve

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    Looking for advice on setting up bypass radiators

    I was wondering what an efficient way of setting up bypass radiators is? I have 9 rads in total, including 2 bathroom towel radiators - the non-bathroom ones are all fitted with a Tado SRV. My boiler (Vitodens 100-W B1KF) will provide a min output of 3.2kw when heating. So I'm assuming a bypass...
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    Greenstar 24Ri boiler revving

    Hi all. My one year old installation has started to show some signs of issues with the central heating. Before describing the problem, my boiler (see title) was installed from new last year by a qualified plumber who provided a level of certification required to satisfy building regs signoff...
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    Boiler/ufh issue, please help

    I’ve had many engineers with no luck, please help! I am running a glow worm 30 HXI boiler, approx 3 years old. It is a three zone system - one zone is the underfloor heating consisting of 5 loops (approx. 35sqm room), another zone is the rads consisting of 7 rads (6 have TRV's) and the final...
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    S-Plan with no Bypass

    Hi Great forum btw! I have a Vaillant EcoTech 418, S-Plan system, 2 zones (HW unvented cylinder + CH), installed 1 year ago. Standard 3 speed Grundfos pump. The system seems to work, but boiler periodically (say once a month) cuts out with error F72... "Flow and/or return NTC fault". I've now...
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    CH not reaching desired temperature

    I'm after a bit of advise. I couldn't find anything relating to this specific query, apologies in advance if this description is a bit vague.. First thing first a confession, my stupidity originally may (or may not) have caused this. We moved into our new (first) house and in a flurry to find...