car battery

  1. Reptile

    Question about car battery chargers

    Dumb question maybe but how do battery chargees workd,i dont mean how to hook it up,more like how does the needle work,does it go from right to left when charging?If so,this makes no sense for me cuz everything we do we go from left to right.Btw,it's an Einhell battery charger,german product.I'm...
  2. W

    Dash cam install causing battery to go flat?

    I was half way through hardwiring dash cam yesterday when it started to rain and was getting dark so decided to stop where i was, close everything up and come back to it tomorrow. last night drove the car to the shop and back with no issues. came back to the car today and the battery was dead...
  3. H

    Alternator problems??

    Hi I think I have alternator problems as my battery keeps going flat. Its a brand new battery. Vehicle details are as follows Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVT-i T3 5-Door 2005 from what i can tell the alternator has an external voltage regulator. I am posting photos. Can someone tell me which is the...
  4. W

    Ford Focus Battery

    Just changed a battery on the 2008 diesel Ford Focus. I wish I had been able to listen in on the design meeting when Ford was planning the battery location for the Ford Focus (2008). I imagine it would have gone something like this: Designer 1: So we want to fit the battery in the engine...
  5. P

    Car battery

    Hi all, I’m having a bit of a problem with my car battery at the moment. Just after New Year I tried to start my car after not using if for a week and it being cold and the car really struggled to start. Anyway in the end I managed to start it and soon replaced the battery for peace of mind...