car maintainence

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    Lug Nut won't come loose

    Hi I'm trying to change the wheel of my Volkswagen but the lug nuts wont unscrew even with a big kick on the wrench. The car hasn't been touched for 7 years so they are rusty. Any ideas to try and loosen the lug nuts so I can take the wheel of? And also should I have the car up on a jack while...
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    Car tyre replacement

    Hello, My car has been punctured. I believe its due to a screw as shown in one of the pictures. I would love to know the right tools to buy and replace it with a spare wheel myself. One of the nuts holding the wheel has a different shape as shown in the picture. My car is a 2008 Ford Focus...
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    Taking out the metal palels on a Vauxhall combo van

    Hi Folks 1st timers here , I am looking for info on how to take the metal panels off a vauxhall combo van . They look like they do separate from the doors .It's the sliding side door and back door panels , I'm interested in changing them to glass. Any advice / pointers will be appreciated...