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    Clarification on 2t engine compression and when cylinder need replacement if scored

    Hi Everyone. I was given a non worker Stihl Edge trimmer and due of this cold weather, I decided to take it apart during the weekend. Compression test was 75psi. I then decide to remove the cylinder to see inside the condition and found a nice score starting from the bottom to the below of...
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    Garage Wiring | Adding extra plug points

    I only have one plug point in my external modern double garage and need extra sockets added. The main power cable enters the garage into a stand-alone fuse box. The 2 gang socket is mounted beside it. I would like to run an additional 2.5mm cable from the back of the socket and run a 7 metre...
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    How to Take down a roller blind

    my son managed to remove the chain from his roller blind, while I managed to refit that his blind won't retract fully now. My next option is to take the whole blind down and try to re-chain while the blind is off. My problem is that I can't see any way of taking the blind down, I don't want...