1. M

    Water collecting between bottom rail and cill

    I had a rotten window replaced less than a year ago. The hardwood replacement has two opening casements and was installed having been primed. I painted the window myself (2 coats of decent acrylic paint) but recently found that both the paint and primer was peeling off the front portion...
  2. N

    Remove existing threshold for new french doors?

    Hi I've been on this website many times - thanks for all your helpful responses to posts !! Posting myself for the first time... I'm replacing a sliding patio door with french doors - I've got an existing 5cm threshold and I'm getting mixed advice about removing it or not. - If I remove it...
  3. cwhaley

    French Door sill too short!

    As per the title -- the sill for my French doors is short by about 10-15mm either end. This is because the builders didn't read the plans properly and have built the opening too wide. Unfortunately it's too late for them to do anything now so I'm on my own. I've spent a good few hours trying to...
  4. C

    Concrete Sill Broken Off

    Hi, The corner of my concrete window sill has broken off. I think it's original 1950s. Whats the best way to go about repair, mortar and sealant? Or should I be worried about any under lying issues. Appreciate your advice! Thanks
  5. StephenStephen

    Fill gap between window and cill - cement or wood?

    Hi all, I've removed the rotten wood below this metal window, and it occurred to me - why don't I fill the gap between the concrete cill and the metal frame (gap height about 45mm high) with concrete rather than wood? - any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated, thank you.
  6. M

    stone door cill, condenstation,

    Has anyone got any ideas on how I could make a cover for stone door cill (internally). It's an old 9" brick house, and the cill is constantly covered in condensation in the winter months. I've got a large piece of DPM over it currently, but it's unsightly. I need to make a kind of step, which...
  7. A

    Front door cil/ laminate floor - gap

    Hi guys when my new laminate floor was fitted, it seems there’s now a gap between the cil of the front door and the new laminate in the hallway that meets it. See photo below - is something missing? Any suggestions on items to disguise this please would be super - I tried covering it up with a...
  8. D

    Name of detail where window sill/board is longer than aperture?

    Where the board is overlength but just along the front/room edge, so that this edge of the board extends at each end beyond the width of the window, to continue a few inches along the rendered and skimmed inner face of the wall. Is there a term for this detail? Thank you, Dain
  9. S

    Bifold doors and cavity wall Help........

    Hello, I have googled the hell out of this after I fell out with my architect for lying to me and can’t find the answer, so I thought I would join the fun and ask. I am not a builder but so far this has been an amazing learning curve. I am building an extension and we have planned to put 3.1m...
  10. D

    What is that lip along the top back edge of (timber) window boards

    What is it for? Thank you.