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    Draining down coz non-working CH rad. Re-use the same water?

    Hi Householder here. Non-expert. Central heating circulation. One of my (total three) radiators doesn't get hot. It is full of water (no air). There is a regular lockshield value at one end and a TRV at the other. They are both open. I have checked the spindle in the TRV (FAQ6). The...
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    Extra Airbricks - but underfloor sleeper/supporting walls not honeycombed

    My downstairs "Tyneside" flat, built in 1900, often smells quite musty. The floors are suspended floorboards, no insulation but gaps filled in. There is one air brick to the front of the property and a couple at the back but when I went under the floor, they seem blocked off at the back (from...
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    Hi Wonder if anyone has any advice before I go for the powerflush! I recently fitted a new boiler and replaced an old beast gravity hw with no controls. I put the system on an s-plan and everything filled nicely. I have all rads circulating apart from 2 downstairs rads. I had them luke warm and...