1. Smileysmile1


    Hi guys, I've attached photos. Front of my house I'm preparing area for laying down decorative gravel. You can see in the photos that I've removed 6" thick blue clay. Horrible stuff. The gravel was a thin layer laid by house developers 20 years ago! Blue plastic sheeting was used as weed...
  2. Smileysmile

    Need help please..

    I want to make the front of my house more appealing. Attached are 2 photos of the front of my elevated house. In the photos you can see where I've removed sand and gravel left in pile. About 800 litres as I measured by filling 80 litre dustbin. What I'm left with is CLAY! Suggestions please...
  3. R

    Water above DPM, not exposed to rain

    Hi - I am hoping somebody might be able to help me please. As you'll be able to see in the attached photos, I am getting water in brickwork above the DPM after heavy rain. The affected walls (to the left and right of my front door) are covered by a porch and it is not possible for rain water...
  4. C

    Clayboard requirement if using piling ?

    NWe are getting quotes to pile foundation a 4.5 x 1.8m utility room which is single storey and single bricked utility room. It was built at the back of the single story kitchen extension built in 1977(ish) and has signs of slipping into the adjacent brook - although its hard to tell if its...
  5. T

    Soakaway Nightmare, Clay Soil

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice, if there is any that can be given :( I'm in the midst of planning a large extension, and the last part of the building warrant requirement if the approval of a rainwater soakaway design. the roof is 180m2 We had a failed percolation test (the water didnt...
  6. Ouch77

    Remove poor, shoddy tarmac and turf?

    Some bright spark in years past (70's I reckon, given what other detritus I've dug up) had decided to lay some tarmac type stuff in my back garden, in a strip adjoining the lawn. My desired outcome is to extend the lawn over this area (about 1x7m). It's a fairly undefined patch of tarmac...