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    New deck: grey coloured final finish, do we need to apply decking oil? What about Cut End Preserver?

    Hello all, DIY-ers here and tomorrow we are embarking in our first deck build project. Two questions that have been going through my head on the deck end finish and also protecting the cut timber ends. I understand that a great (the best?) way to protect a finished decking is to use decking...
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    Decorating fresh plaster roller or airless spray paint interior rooms?

    I have started decorating my refurbished house with 50/50 mist coat and then 2 coat by roller. As I`m not very fast I managed to due few rooms on the last fews days. A friend of mine has a wagner airless sprayer and was thinking to borrow it. Any experience? good finish? durability? Any...
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    Will wood primer cause surface delamination in ply pipe boxing?

    5.5mm and 9mm hardwood ply services boxing in a kitchen. Will wood primer cause delamination? I'd like to end up with the same paint on the box and adjacent walls, not too worried about cracking between varying substrates as there's already breeze and stud walls so plenty of corner cracking...
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    Mist coat booboo.

    I have made a booboo, I used a 50/50 mix of Acrylic Eggshell with water for a mist coat on fresh plaster. I plan to do the top coat of paint in the same eggshell finish. What would be the best way forward? Carry-on as I am and hope all will be OK Sand/scrape it off and start again (It' a big...