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  1. E

    Securing a pergola

    Hi everyone, I’m mulling over pergola design for our garden. Still haven’t decided exactly what we want but one design is basically an L shape around the patio area. I was going to secure the posts into the soil with postcrete, like a fence post. Then we’ll be able to plant climbers that climb...
  2. Why Eye

    Securing wood in concrete

    I want to lay gravel over a section of my garden, but need to add an edge to stop the gravel travelling. I’ve laid some wooden battens into mortar (with a gravel bed underneath for drainage) and use screws about 1 inch proud in the under side of the wood to make them more secure in the concrete...
  3. D

    Concrete Fencing: Posts Gravel Boards and Angles

    Hi. I'm pretty well sold on the idea of putting up concrete posts and gravel boards for my retaining fence. There is an issue though and I'm wondering whether it can be successfully addressed. Instead of two fences meeting at 90 degrees at a post, they will be meeting at 70 degrees. Can this...