1. Wynney34

    Hollow summerhouse concrete base!?

    Hi, home this is the right part of the forum to post this on! i've been staying in my mates summerhouse for 18 months and recently I've noticed that some part of the floor sounds hollow! Apparently he laid a concrete base when he built it, maybe 4/5 years ago. I'm not sure when the hollow...
  2. stratford_noob

    Concrete deck base or subframe?

    Hi, I had taken down my green house and want to put there a deck instead. However the greenhouse had concrete base and because is nicely level, I wanted to leverage that in the deck building. As the deck will be bigger (the pink lines on attached images, I had originally planed to use some some...
  3. B

    Water underfloor heating - 1970s bungalow, insulation under concrete

    Hi, I need some advice on what wet UFH system to get for our renovation of a 1970s 3 bed bungalow. The house had subsidence so in the process of fixing that the floors were dug up and replaced with the following construction: hardcore base, membrane, 150mm insulation, concrete finish. We're left...
  4. JD2012

    Fixing gaps in a Concrete Door Step.

    I was wondering what forum readers would suggest to fill in horizontal gaps between a front door step and the door. They are not huge gaps. I think its just caused by shrinkage as the house is about 60 years old. I was thinking something along the lines of a mastic sealant as I want to be easy...
  5. G

    Tool to Hire

    Hi, I am going to replace some wooden fence posts but probably will only remove the concreate thats directly in front of the post and use those concrete spurs to attach new posts too. Just wandering what tool i need to hire, as in what is it called and what power. I'll probably use HSS as...