1. J

    Which thing uses about 30watts, the fan or the pump?

    Hi, I have a WB Greenstar 8000, 35kw. Under warranty, serviced yearly. Installed 2 years ago. I noticed via our smart electric meter than something somewhere was consuming about 30 watts constantly. After much searching I noticed than something in the boiler is running all the time. It...
  2. A

    Smeg Dishwasher (DI521) on constant drain

    Hi, I have a built in dishwasher that is on constant drain and throwing an E1 fault code at me. I realise that this is the aquastop function that's working. Question is, I can't find anywhere that would tell me how to fix. I can't pull it out without destroying half the wall so would prefer...
  3. Dave McC

    Smeg Dishwasher DI6012 constantly draining

    Hi, I have a common problem with my smeg built in dishwasher which is constantly draining even if the door is open. Lights 1 (flashing) and 5 (on) is the error I get. There is no water in the base and I cannot see anything else I can try. I can't see any float that is stuck. There is no sponge...