1. vbhardwaj87

    Wet clay and clay heaving in crawl space

    Hi! We have recently purchased a 1930s built house in Greater Manchester. There are a lot of issues that we are discovering after the purchase. Damp and condensation are the usual culprits. Recently we found out that there is wet clay in the crawl space under the dining room. And it seems...
  2. C

    Insulation of exposed wooden floor FROM BELOW

    Evening all, Firstly, Happy New Year! I’m planning on insulating underneath the floor boards in my living room. 1900s terraced house so adequate crawl space to do from below, plus I don’t want to damage the floor by lifting up. From research I understand best practice is a vapour barrier...
  3. S

    Best solution when you have a musty and wet crawl space?

    Hello all! First time poster: I have a semi-detached house in a high water table area and I noticed that under the suspended wooden ground floor there was some standing water. I carried out some investigation and it appears that more water flows into the crawl space (approx 4ft high) in when...
  4. DanRichNC

    Basement, crawl space, none of the above...?

    Hey guys, I am working on a new construction home in Colorado and have done most of the drawings myself. I really love a slab floor and it is one aspect I don't want to bend on. Most of my professional work is in concrete and the home has a lot in it. All of the exterior walls are full height...
  5. D

    crawl space smell

    just bought a house and have discovered crawl space under the house. We wondered where the damp cheesy feet smell was coming from and it is coming from down here. This area was not mentioned in the surveyors report. Does anyone know who I would need to contact to tell me if this area is...