1. B

    How to Locate Creaking Floor "Sweet Spot"

    I live in a basement flat. I'm having a real problem with a loud and very irritating squeaking/creaking bit of floor from the flat immediately above. It's just one spot - the noise it makes is identical every time. Upstairs it's laminate flooring on top of some kind of timber as a subfloor -...
  2. O

    Holes in Walls

    22mm tubes going through a solid 9" brick wall. 30mm holes drilled- strapped a spirit level to the drill & a square to the wall so they're straight and level for a change. Question- is that 4mm gap going to give me annoying rattles and creaks when thermal expansion kicks in (the 2 tubes are feed...
  3. Dan Rowland

    Creaking engineered wood with soundproofing underlay

    Hey peopleses, I'm sorry for asking, I have Googled this loads and haven't found a good answer. I have recently installed engineered wood floor over a padded acoustic underlay. This was recommended to me by the shop (UK Flooring Direct) as I'm using it upstairs. Once installed though...
  4. M

    Creaking during windy days

    We have a 1970s house and on one spot we get these creaking noise when its windy, pretty much 24/7 at the moment, fun during the night. Its in the middle of the house inbetween the master bedroom and 2nd bedroom at the side of the house. Loft is wooden with the w type supports. Clearly...
  5. L

    Floors Popping under carpet when walking around

    Good Morning All, I am having a major issue with the new build house we have just bought and the builders seem to be making it worse so looking for ideas to discuss on Monday morning with the builders. When we walk around upstairs you can hear massive popping noises below you can feel it...
  6. R

    Floorboard problem.

    Hi all. I have a 1960 end terrace house. Problem is this. When I moved in 2.5 years ago, all floorboards were fine, but then the landing started creaking. Next thing I know, all floorboards are creaking. Then the landing floorboards started to bow when stepped on, and now slowly the second...