damp on internal walls

  1. JustAnotherJane

    Damp patch on wall on old chimney breast

    Ground floor internal wall with a sealed up chimney breast has a damp patch. The previous owners removed the chimney breast from the 1st floor (making the bathroom larger). The chimney breast is still in place on the ground floor. We spotted a damp patch about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the wall...
  2. P

    Damp issue - see illustration. What is the way forward

    Hi All. I have got some damp issues that needs to be resolved. Based on the damp report the specialist created and my own understanding also. I am a little confused as to what the way forward is. I am always wary of damp companies and wanting to do unnecessary works. The house is a mid terrace...
  3. B

    Internal Insulation Wall Treatment

    Hello I was going to put some insulation on my internal wall of my bathroom before I fix the mermaid board to the batons. I was just thinking do I need to seal the wall with PVA glue? Also do I need a plastic sheet between my wall and the insulation to stop moisture getting through? The wall is...
  4. W

    Mould on ceiling edges

    Good evening all, hopefully someone can give me a bit of advice on the following. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by trade but pretty novice when it comes to household stuff, so apologies in advance! We have lived in a house built in approx 1960 for a few years now and have noticed that we keep...
  5. R

    Damp in centre of house

    I bought a mid terrace Victorian house about a year ago. It seems the previous owners indulged themselves in a significant amount of bodge work. An area in the center of the house has been showing damp since I moved, which has progressively got worse (images attached). The damp appears to track...
  6. C

    Damp walls!

    I need help! i have what I think is damp on the internals walls of just one room (the bedroom) in a ground floor flat. I first noticed these small darker spots on the walls a few months ago, placed some damp traps around the room to collect and moisture and open the window every day even on...
  7. H

    Damp patch in the corner of pvc window

    Hi I have recently had a room drylined I have noticed a damp patch on the bottom right hand side of the window, there is also a tiny spot at the top of the window any ideas what's causing this there are no leaks in the roof and I have applied concrete water sealer outside as I thought it might...
  8. Odds

    Damp from leaks (ed.)

    Good morning all :) I have an ongoing problem with damp in a corner of my kitchen that i need some help to resolve. Above the kitchen is our bathroom where a leaking shower tray caused some of the damp and is now fixed; i think a leaky pipe may be to blame for more damp above the kitchen window...
  9. J

    Damp on internal wall around doorframe

    Hi, I've always had a minor issue with damp on the gable end of our 1960's house. Recently, I managed to get the insulation removed from the cavity on the gable end through the CIGA guarantee. It's a south facing gable in a coastal Welsh town so took the brunt of all the weather. Forward on 4...
  10. R

    Buying a property bombed in the war which has damp on top-floor wall (ex-party/now gable)

    Hi, and thanks in advance for any advice. My fiancée and I are deciding whether or not to purchase a flat which is perfect except for a damp issue. The flat comprises of the top two floors of this three-storey detached house. It was in fact originally a semi-detached house but the right-hand...
  11. D

    Condensation despite low humidity?

    I've had a bad smell in my upstairs front bedroom for perhaps a year. It comes on overnight. After rain it's a damp, almost mildewy smell. When it's dry it's more musty. It seems mainly to come from around floor level in the back corner of the room. One wall in that corner is a party wall and...
  12. K

    Wet Wall

    As you may see from the attached imaged we have come across in our sitting room a wet wall, which is located behind our sofa. I have also attached an image showing the outside area of our home, which maybe the problem to our wall being wet? Please can someone help and let me know your thoughts?
  13. C

    Damp on both sides of internal party wall

    I live in an old (1860s) terraced house and it has had a damp proof course installed at some point. I've just discovered damp patches on the internal party wall (solid 9" thick) and wanting to eliminate all other more easily repaired eventualities (leaking pipes etc)... I have spoken with...
  14. M

    Damp patches on wall in bedroom, please help

    Hi everyone I brought a house 3 months ago I have noticed damp patches in the upstairs bedroom on the wall, they mainly occur in periods after heavy rain, above in the loft is a black tank that maybe is a cold water storage tank but not sure what it’s used for, possibly the water is leaking from...
  15. H

    Damp advice needed

    Advice on damp needed please! We live in a house built circa 1900 - salt deposits have started appearing on the chimney breasts in the attic bedrooms - had several roofers out. One said the pointing on the stack was fine, another said needs re pointing, another said render the stack to...
  16. Patriq

    Damp plaster at corner of window

    Hi all, Looking for advice on this, unearthed whilst redecorating a 60s-built house I just bought. The new skim has never full gone bright pink in the corner next to one of the uPVC windows. You can just about dry it out, but then when it rains etc... back it comes. I've attached a picture of...
  17. K

    Supplier of Salt neutraliser/Antisulphate?

    Hi, heres my project https://projectflat.wordpress.com/ - the next stage is getting the materials starting with salt neutraliser / anti-sulphate.... any preferred suppliers? Many thanks, Gavin
  18. K

    Damp proofing my bathroom wall

    Hi, im working on damp proofing my bathroom and i'm going to try and do what the professional quoted, i do have some building experiance and have hacked off the plasterboard down to the brick in prep of the below. Could you advise of a decent supplier (ideally i can pick up from Sussex/uk)...
  19. P

    Damp patch internal wall

    Hi Really hope somebody can help. I live in a mid terrace house and noticed a mystery damp patch in the lounge in the middle of the internal wall that joins to next door. It doesn't feel really wet but it certainly looks like a damp patch. Just a bit worried , hoping it's nothing to bad...
  20. S

    damp on internal walls

    in need of some help i live in a row of terrace houses 5 are brick built and the rest are stone . the brick ones have cellers round the back and the stone ones are round the front . the first stone house and at least 4 after have damp on the internal kitchen walls . need to know why but have no...