damp patch

  1. JustAnotherJane

    Damp patch on wall on old chimney breast

    Ground floor internal wall with a sealed up chimney breast has a damp patch. The previous owners removed the chimney breast from the 1st floor (making the bathroom larger). The chimney breast is still in place on the ground floor. We spotted a damp patch about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the wall...
  2. T

    Garage insulation and damp

    Hello. I'm about to convert my garage into a habitable space (not moved in yet, but have exchanged contracts). It’s a single skin thermalite block construction, and rendered on the outside, plastered on the inside. The main issues will be solving a small patch of damp (see photo) and sorting...
  3. Jibber76

    Damp course query

    I’ve got a rising damp issue in the corner of a basement room where directly outside the offending wall is a drain. I’ve cemented up the Sides of the drain as it looked a bit worn out and maybe allowing water to ingress through the breeze block wall, but still getting a problem. Thinking now if...
  4. H

    Damp patch in the corner of pvc window

    Hi I have recently had a room drylined I have noticed a damp patch on the bottom right hand side of the window, there is also a tiny spot at the top of the window any ideas what's causing this there are no leaks in the roof and I have applied concrete water sealer outside as I thought it might...
  5. R

    Damp Hearth & Sub-floor damp

    I recently bought a Victorian end of terrace and over lockdown have gradually been making progress with restoring it. We ripped up the carpets in the dining room and noticed the floor boards were in a bit of a state, with some breaking away. I should also add we had the house re-wired and...