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    Bamboo worktop: how to seal appropriately, which oil is best to use?

    TLDR: Bamboo worktop, which oil is the most indicated? I hear Danish Oil is good enough, is Osmo Top Oil a level head? We are looking to achieve a well sealed, truly impenetrable worktop. After having some make-shift OSB worktops for more than a year, we finally decided on some bamboo worktops...
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    Cleaning Danish Oil from walls

    I made the mistake of getting a small amount of Danish Oil on a wall when finishing a tabletop. The walls are freshly painted vinyl emulsion, and quite washable so I tried washing it off before it set. But this just seemed to spread it out further and further! I've now tried painting over it...
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    regenerating wooden window sills

    Hi everyone, Some window sills in my (new) house seem to be varnished, and some others seem to never have been. These un-varnished have often lost the natural colour (probably UV rays and other factors). Rather than varnishing the de-coloured window sills, I thought that maybe applying some...