dimmable switch

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    Making dimmable LEDs smart

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place/wrongly formatted etc, first time poster here. I am currently looking at swapping our old "dumb" bulbs in two rooms with smart LED strips to be wired into the mains, and fit into some cornicing/coving. We know someone who is fitting it for us, but...
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    Wiring old 2 way double light switch to new 2 way double dimmable switch

    Hi there would love some advice on how to wire old 2 way double light switch to a new double dimmable light switch (one is simply on/off). The old switch is as follows: top row: A 2way = 2 x red wires A 1way = 1 black, 1 blue B comm = yellow bottom row A comm = yellow B 2way = 1...