1. Yasmine darwish

    Bathroom DIY help & advice please!

    Hello guys! Just to start, this is not a ‘sob storey’! Yes I had an a terrible bone infection that started a couple of years ago out of nowhere and was very very aggressive. I have now recently found out it’s permanent and in a way it has helped me move forward as being stuck in status not...
  2. M

    Structural support for disabled ceiling hoist

    Hi, I am in the process of planning the fitting of a ceiling mounted disabled lifting hoist and the room it is going in has a ceiling constructed of only 3 x 2 timbers on the rear addition of a Victorian house with a pitched red concrete tiled roof above. I need to create some additional support...
  3. LisaYP

    Screed over safety floor in wet room

    Hi, I have a wet room, (made when i had a grant because of spinal problems) and in it the floor is safety flooring, like the kind Alto do but its grooved like an embossed pattern in it. Its not smooth which is my problem. I dont have the spinal problems anymore and want to put a shower tray and...