disc cutter

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    Makita EK6100 disc cutter self revving while idling. can someone clarify what the issue?

    I got this disc cutter off Ebay in a box completely apart I have to say that I have never seen this disc cutter running. I found out piston ring was missing and took me a month to get one in stock. Assembled the saw. Started at first pull but I'm having hard time to tune it. And while left...
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    Partner k650 active II. Non starter

    Got from an auction a Disc cutter k650 to keep as spare in case some stihl need service. It started at first pull and idling very well but not accelerating. I cleaned up carburetor and put new gasket and diaphragm. It started again at first full and seemed to accelerate very well than stopped...
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    Concrete blocks - Advice on best cutting method

    Hi everyone, I’m getting close to laying the blocks for my wall but first I need to cut some of them to size. Can someone tell what the best method is to achieve this? I’ve seen there is a disc cutter or a block splitter or a hammer and masonry chisel. I need to cut around 20 or so blocks so...