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    How to restore yellowed shower trim (was transparent)

    Our guest bathroom shower enclosure has six transparent seals for the doors - two of which have discoloured/yellowed (same part - from both sides). Before we look at replacing them, does anyone have any tips for restoring discoloured/yellowed trim back to its transparent state?
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    Restoring a staircase - help please!

    Hi all Hope you can help! I'm (trying to) restore my stair case. The plan is to stain the treads, newel posts and rail dark, and paint the risers white. Have got as far as remving the carpet, hundreds of nails/staples, stripping the paint from the treads/risers etc, and have now started...
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    Black Mould Patches found under Wallpaper...

    Hi there, I need some help with this. A while ago, about nearly 4 years ago, we had our bedroom decorated. It cost a lot of money to have it done, it's been fine for a while but recently we have noticed there's some dark patches now under the wallpaper on the wall which is an outside wall at...