door sill

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    Victorian door sill cover

    My front door sill has a metal sheet folded over it and embedded behind the tiles on the inside and into / behind the front step on the outside. The sheet is torn and jagged. I'm going to retile the inside soon, which seems like a good opportunity to replace it. But does anyone know how much of...
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    How to replace a rotted timber door sill?

    I have a hardwood timber door sill that has rotted away. Not sure how it's rotted so bad. How do I fit a new door sill? If I slide it in beneath the door jams, how do I secure it in place? The old one appears to have been nailed to the door jambs - the rusty nails can still be seen protruding...
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    Hall tiling opens a can of worms?

    Hi folks. I am living in a terraced house built 13 years ago. I have been trying to make use of the lockdown to tackle some redecorating projects. I just started preparation for retiling the hall. The old tiles came up without too much issue. After removing the tiles adjacent to the front door...
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    New door sill needed?

    Hi, Currently looking to move my front door, as you can see from the picture the original door is set back giving an open porch under the house. It’ll be set back slightly in that opening, which has now been narrowed to suit a standards door width. Question is, does it need a plastic...