drainage hose

  1. A

    Washing machine drainage hose good practice

    Any plumbers that can foresee issues with the below set up? I have installed my washing machine and needed to extend the drainage hose. Only options I found was 2.5m. This is leaving a lot of excessive hose that I’ve had to arrange as in the picture. My concern is stagnant water building up and...
  2. T

    Garden drainage upgrade

    I have recently build a large retaining wall in my back garden. The is drainage behind the wall that leads out through a perforated pipe in the bottom corner of my wall. I am laying a patio at the lower side of the wall and currently sorting out the drainage. My two options are to bury 2 or 3m...
  3. Rachell411

    Indesit leaking

    I have an Indesit 4173 washer dryer wjich is leaking underneath. I have tipped it up unacrewed filter from body but how do i unclip drainage hose from the machine ro see if that has the leak? Or have u any otger ideas what could be how to fix? As we on lockdown n have complicated health...
  4. T

    How do I remove drainage hose on Bosch Washer WAQ28461GB/01

    Hello lovely people. My washer is not draining due to a blockage. I believe it is a small piece of fabric as it went in the wash and didn’t come out :(. I have opened front hatch and drained machine and cleaned filter and coin catcher at the front of the machine (all clear). Having looked...