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  1. U

    Best way to get cable through ceiling joists?

    Hi all, I have to run a cable across a kitchen ceiling. Obviously the joists are all going the wrong way. The last time I did something like this I cut holes in the ceiling plasterboard large enough to get my drill in and then bored a small hole through the centre of the joist at the edge of...
  2. J

    Is there such a thing as a Electric Needle Gun or Drill Attachment?

    Is there such a thing as a Electric Needle Gun or Drill Attachment? I was removing rust from metal fence posts before painting and its a pain! lol. I don't have a air source.
  3. K

    Best SDS drill bits for drilling a lot of granite for the money?

    I'm cutting lots of granite with wedge and feather shims. For this I'm drilling lots of holes in the granite with SDS masonry drill bits. I'm getting through a lot of drill bits. Which are the best durable SDS granite drill bits that will stay sharp for the money?
  4. J

    Better drill or better drill bits?

    I'm drilling into some very old brick and it's so hard I thought I'd hit a metal stud. (But I've confirmed I haven't). I don't have a lot of DIY experience. I thought I had a good drill. It's a Stanley "FatMax" and it says 850W and 3100 RPM on the box. It also has a hammer action. But all I...
  5. K

    How to drill into granite for uPVC window fixing kit

    Drilling into granite is, i've always found, a pain. Perhaps I'm using the wrong drill bit. What's the best drill bit/ fastest way & method to make a hole in granite for fixing the window?
  6. eveares

    152mm Core Drill - Blunt?

    Just bought this off eBay for £35 inc P&P (Included hex arbour kit not shown) as I need to drill a 6"/150mm hole through a wall for a short piece of 6"/150mm (External diameter 156mm) solid ducting what is to be used as a exhaust outlet for a portable AC Unit. 152mm Core Drill by eveares posted...