ecotec 28 pro

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    Vaillant boiler hot water problem

    Really looking for some quick advice if possible. We have a Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 R2 combi boiler, installed in late 2010. Model number is VUW GB 286/3-3. The boiler has generally been ok, and is regularly serviced. A few weeks ago, we started having a problem with the hot water. It would get...
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    Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 Filling Loop

    Hi my boiler lost pressure due to a leaking radiator. Does anyone know how I can repressurise please ? I don't have the manual from when I moved in. I have identified the loop but there is only 1 valve that I can turn. Any guidance would be appreciated it. Complete novice here !
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    Wiring a heatmiser UH4.

    Hi I have a valiant protec 28 combi boiler and is wired thru a honeywell 10 way junction box. I have to add some new zones so thought of getting a heatmiser uh4 wiring box but I am confused as to how do I migrate the wiring connections from the old to the new heatmiser UH4. All the connections...