1. M

    Window and door energy certificate

    Hello, I had a few new windows and a front door installed recently, I have received the Fensa certificate. Should I also expect to receive an energy certificate for each window and door? Is this even a thing with new windows and doors or not really? I'm thinking the likes of an energy label...
  2. S

    Grant Oil Combi Boiler Hot Water Efficiency

    Hi, We have just had a grant vortex oil combi boiler installed and we have two options to heat our hot water; we can have the water on continuously which will keep the very small water reserve in the boiler at a certain temperature. Or we can have the hot water off and then just boost it when...
  3. K

    Am I being spun a line re: efficiency of Camray 5 oil boiler?

    Hi all, Newb here. I've been reading some of your threads and it seems there are some very smart folks here who may be able to help with a head-baffling question. We're in a rental home and we have a 20yo oil boiler, the Camray 5 95/130A. It's had the burner replaced with a Riello RD3 that the...
  4. E

    Vaillant d.0

    Hello, having a bit of a 'mare with this one, so though I would seek out some help. I have a Vaillant ecotech pure installed recently (the version that fits in a cupboard) around 24kw I think. It seems to be using a huge amount of energy but never quite getting the rooms warm. I'm looking into...
  5. eveares

    Can LED's reach the same efficiency (Lumen per W) as Low Pressure sodium lamps?

    I don't know how much additional power percentage wise relative to the bulb a SOX lamps ballast takes up, but can LED's achieve the same or greater lumen per what ratio that Low Pressure Sodium/SOX achieve? I am well aware of the awful colour rendering and CRI of SOX lamp's mono chromatic light...
  6. ohdiddums

    Converting pitched roof to flat green roof - advice?

    Hi all, My 2-up 2-down has a ground floor bathroom at the rear with a pitched tiled roof. The room is very cold compared to the rest of the house because it has no roof insulation and a single skin wall at the back. I'm trying to make my house as energy efficient, and eco friendly, as...