1. K

    Ceiling light not working - strange "bulb" / no bulb?

    Hi, Please excuse my ignorance here, I don't have much experience with lights or electronics. My flat has a ceiling light in the bathroom which has stopped working. The "bulbs" that attach to it seem to be more of an ornamental way to spread light rather than a "bulb" - they screw in and...
  2. Cragglejacks

    Salus st620RF flickering on/off when switched on

    Hi! I have a Salus ST620RF Thermostat which is used as an on/off switch for a water pump for our radiator water loop when the water is being heated. Normal behaviour is that we use it as a manual switch (Manual Setting) and manually flick it between on and off as we need the radiators running...
  3. Z

    BMW G30 530e coolant pump for low temperature coolant circuit:) Missing error

    Hi I have a BMW 530e G30 2.0 Petrol Hybrid (B48B20A) with 60k mileage 2018. Whilst doing a service, I performed a diagnostic which returned 2 errors on the vehicle. - 1B830A | LIN, communication (coolant pump for low temperature coolant circuit Missing Existent: Yes - 80436C Auxiliary coolant...
  4. M

    Keston C36 No hot water in morning

    Hi everyone, I can see a few people had this issue, but its not entirely clear if or how it was resolved, so I'd really appreciate some help here. The symptoms are as follows: Open hot tap DHW demand light stays dark Display temperature remains constant/room temperature Water is cold Central...
  5. E

    Rheostat vs. Bridge Rectifier

    I understand that it’s a rather weird question for pros, but I'm an absolute noob and I really hope that somebody here will be able to help me out with my conundrum. Thing is, I’ve been struggling with figuring out what’s the difference between a rheostat and bridge rectifier. I’ve checked a...
  6. eveares

    RGB Strip Light with Fibaro RGB Controller Project

    I Installed 1.4 Meters worth of RGB LED strip light at the back of my desk a couple of months ago as I had some spare from the main qtx RGB strip light in my kitchen that I installed a few years ago. With my recent move to sell my outdated X10 Automation and to slowly invest in the Z-Wave and...