exterior ply

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    having a huge dormer built.

    We are in the process of having a huge dormer built. The approved drawings the builder is working from says single layer membrane roof covering bonded to19mm plywood, also sides from 25mm plywood (exterior grade ply). The builder has used 11mm OSB3 board all over (also gaps all over between...
  2. J

    Ply for cladding or battens?

    I'm thinking about materials to clad my garden room in and was going for ply panels or battens which I want to stain/paint black. Ideally with ply I'd like to see some wood grain through it, but am confused about the different types of ply. Marine ply is too expensive and possibly overkill, WBP...
  3. K

    Marine or exterior ply for Karndean / Amtico subfloor?

    Hi, I'm prepping for my new Karndean floor and in the past my fitter has used 6mm marine ply as a subfloor. But as my lounge is now about 4 times as big as the last project I'm wondering if I can use exterior grade ply instead? This seems a lot more affordable. The description says it is...