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  1. O

    U-value for new external wall on a new small extension

    Hi, I want a small extension to accommodate a 2x1m bathroom (internal area) and a 1.5x1m service area. I'd like an external brickwork, in terms of appearance, to blend with the rest of the house (cavity wall from 1970). What is the U-value requirement for the new external walls, please? Am I...
  2. R

    Damp at bottom of external rendering

    Hi guys, Would really appreciate some views on this, photos attached but can take more if helpful. We moved into a ground floor maisonette in a Victorian terraced property last year. There were some damp issues in the north-facing front room (some visible damp patches) and our survey...
  3. F

    Damp patch at base of wall

    Hi Guys, The property in the photo illustrates a plaster-rendered wall with damp appearing to be rising up it. It was plastered about a year or two ago. Initially, I thought it was possibly just the plaster drying out but quite recently it has now started to show some salts in one place, which...
  4. R

    Damp proofing a new floor

    Hi, In need of a bit of advice or guidance regarding the possible need for damp proofing to an existing external wall that now becomes an internal wall after an extension. I plan to keep it as exposed brickwork as attached visual. The problem (or maybe it's not a problem) I have is the new...
  5. Muriel’s wedding

    Pebbledash painting woes

    Previous owner has used a very thick layer of paint on external pebbledash render. Over time, the paint has lifted away from the wall and in most areas a simple prod can crack the paint. I’ve started to use a wire brush and gentle tapping to crack and remove the majority of the paint. However...
  6. A

    Drilling through external wall 25mm hole for security cameras

    Hi, I bought Reolink security cameras which I would like to fix outside my house. I everything will be straight forward, I will get the cable through the wall, and it's done. However, when my cameras arrived, I noticed that end of the cable is 20mm thick where ethernet cable connects. If I...
  7. K

    RSJ Padstone - HELP

    I’m creating an opening (Proposed 1700mm wide) in my rear external ex solid wall (it has been rebuilt using cavity with a width to match existing, 230mm, just in ground floor and half length of the wall). There is a small window and a 900mm door in that wall panel I want the opening in for the...
  8. J

    Damp, Black mould on an external wall.

    Hello, I want to stop suspected rain water entering through the exterior wall of my house, and causing damp in a downstairs room. The house is an edwardian house [1920s build, single brick wall, lime plaster. outside rendering looks about 1970s.] --- The room is downstairs with one exterior...