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    Rotting wood by guttering facia

    Hi All, I'm a first-time poster here and just about to buy my first house. One of the properties I am looking at seems pretty ideal for us but does have some issues with some broken floorboards (which I know I can fix relatively quickly) and some other minor issues; one problem I have come...
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    Help with Roof

    It seems like we have rats in the house - can hear scratching on the ceilings. I've recently had the house refurbished (somewhat badly in areas) and found a gap between the facia and the wall. It's probably too large to caulk so does anyone have any ideas how I can fill it??
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    Facia Board Height - please help / advise

    Hi there I have a new extension with a mono pitch roof at 20 degrees with standard 150 or 6 inch rafters that is going to be counter battened and battened with 50 x 25 Also a 25mm Marley 3in1 eaves vent to be fitted on the facia The toe of the rafter is only 220mm long from the wall but...
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    UPVC French Door Frame Material Inconsistency

    Hi. Can anyone advise as to what is going on in this picture?! I am having a garage conversion done and the white UPVC French Doors have a metal (aluminium?) bottom rail/frame which doesn’t match the rest of the installation. Before I get fobbed off by the manufacturer and/or builder, I am...
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    Loft Tank Overflow pipes into horizontal gutter

    Hi, We've just had our soffits, facias and gutters replaced. Previously, the overflow/warning pipes for the central heating header tank and cold water tank for hot water in the loft came out of holes in the facia below the gutter. But for this installation, the installer decided it would look...
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    Hi there, This is my first post on the forum, nice to meet you all! I have just bought my first house, apart from all the sockets falling off the walls it all seemed okay until Monday. It rained overnight and I woke up to a large damp patch around my bedroom window. It hasn't rained since...
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    Guttering, facias and downpipe replacement.

    Hi All, I'm just looking for advice on pricing up replacement of our guttering, facias and downpipes. We've had one quote advising that we need 40 metres (seamless aluminium guttering) downpipes and pvc facias and we are looking at a price of £4600. it is a 3 bed detached 8x6mts with 2 bay...